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GRC customer testimony

Thank you for providing much-needed relief from my horrible abdominal pain and cramping stomach. After suffering for days with lack of sleep, A few drops of your tincture helped to minimize the pain. The topical is also a great alternative to target specific areas. You have earned a loyal customer.

Customer #1

I have been using the GRC cannabis-infused therapeutic oil since 2019. I suffer from severe knee pain and inflammation due to arthritis. This product helps alleviate my pain and promotes hours of relief and peaceful sleep.

Bay Area

A friend suggested I try this product for my many aging aches and pains. I use the whipped lavender butter daily for muscle soreness. Now, I highly recommend GRC cannabis cream for anyone wanting an improved quality of life and the ability to function without pain. I am still amazed at the effectiveness of cannabis and I refuse to use prescription drugs.

Grandma Yah Yah

I use GRC Cannabis Therapeutic Oil and Shea Butter Cream daily to relieve arthritis joint and knee pain. My greatest fear is not being able to get more when I need it. I am convinced that GRC products are miracle products!

Mother Bolton, 80 years young!

My name is Reshanya S Keough. I learned in the Emergency Room, July 2017 that my body rejects medication. Looking back over my medical history, it all made sense. I began diligently searching for natural and Holistic approaches to assist with my sciatica and occasional joint pain.
April 26th, 2019 I was blessed with samples from GRC from Eve Robinson. I’ve tried multiple items in their line and love them all! I still currently use the Shea Butter, CBD Oil, and Massage Soap. I also use the CBD Oil for my dog who was a rescue on the brink of death. Thank you GRC for making products that aren’t full of chemicals and side effects worse than the ailments I’m addressing.

Reshanya S Keough

My testimonial: I suffer from arthritis and costochondritis. My costochondritis has gotten worse. I have taken analgesics, and have tried all pain ointments and nothing has worked as well as the therapeutic oil by GRC. I am finally able to sleep without any pain. It was amazing as it took approximately 15 minutes after application and my pain went away!! Thank you GRC

Vallejo, California

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