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Eve Lynne has comprised journals based on her experiences venturing into cannabis as a patient and senior. These journals were intended to be easily digestible for those with limited cannabis knowledge, building a solid understanding of this wonderful plant. We are currently digitizing these Journals into E-Books, and they will be available for order right here when they are ready!

Green Releaf collective journal

Baby Steps to Understanding Cannabis

Eve’s first journal on Cannabis, this easy-to-read journal teaches progressive education on Cannabis and its history, uses and industries.

cannabis kindergarDen

A Guide for Seniors

Cannabis has not only been taboo but also prohibited for the majority of the 20th century. This journal was created for seniors discovering the benefits of cannabis to build their knowledge from the ground up.


Una Guia Pree Preescolar Ara Personas De La Tercera Edad

Our spanish-edition journal. Este diario fue escrito para presentar a los recién llegados al mundo de la marihuana.